Pride Month Series: Why?

June is #PrideMonth for the LGBTQIA+ around the world. It began as a commemoration of the Stonewall Riots of June 1969, but has now grown into a worldwide movement with meetings, parades, events, workshops and sensitization seminars to bring visibility, create safe spaces and help educate. People who are cis-het and are allies, also actively participate to create a more equal world. For the month of June, I’ll be doing blog posts that attempt at explaining basics and help with the lack of exposure, references etc. specially for desi folks.

We tend to fear and hate what we don’t understand. We reject that which dismisses our struggles, and takes away our sense of control. If only we could see our differences as our teachers, we could have a more inclusive world. People are good at heart and when our fear is met with an appeal to our humanity, it helps us wrap our heads around something we were never exposed to. This series is my attempt at bringing you stories that you might have missed growing up. This is also my attempt at letting you know that you’re not alone. We are all in this together.

A Disclaimer:
In my posts I will use the word “queer” instead of LGBTQIA+ simply for the ease of typing. However, if you’re an LGBTQIA+ reader, and you do not identify with the term, or if you feel that your gender/sexuality does not fall under the umbrella of what the word “queer” represents, then I sincerely apologise. It is not my intention to erase your identity, and I hope that you feel seen, heard and acknowledged. If at any point you feel that I have controlled or misrepresented the narrative of your story, please feel free to correct me.
If you’re cis-het/straight reader, I hope that I’m able to simplify things without invalidating any of your experiences and feelings.

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