Giving and Receiving

When we think that we have raised our personal standards just a bit, we find that a village has already risen to meet us up there. When we feel that we have walked a step towards the village,we discover that a village has already taken a hundred steps towards us !

Delhi, one of the richest places in India, will charge us extra if we happen to consume more oxygen by inhaling deeply. Anandpur, one of many poor villages in India, gives away litres of buttermilk and kilos of hard earned harvest for free. They do it as a “Thank You”, for God knows what. If you refuse, they take offense and teach a significant lesson in the importance of receiving.

In Anandpur, giving and receiving comes naturally. People don’t have motives of being in “good books” of the rich and powerful, people don’t think they will get extra punyam daanam score for a seat in heaven. I have been told various times, “You really think it is you who is giving and receiving? It is God acting through everyone. Through the Sun, the river, the clouds, the people, the trees and the children.”

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