Traffic rules in Anandpur

If you honk /rush a car near a cow feeding its calf or when its being milked, it gets scared and pulls in its udders. I made that mistake twice myself until I observed and learnt. As an unwritten rule, when one passes cattle in such situation, one slows down. Even if it means that the road is fairly good and it is “impractical” to bring down your car from fourth gear into second and watch the speedometer fall from 60 to 20. Even if it means that a jeep with 12 passengers in it has to wait. You do not honk demanding the animals to move farther away, you simply get off the road creating a wide berth between you and them. By now, if I happen to pass a cow-calf duo near a temple or a wide Peepal tree, my neck involuntarily jerks into obeisance. I am not even a strictly disciplined religious person. Its something about the village air which demands and gives respect effortlessly. For instance, one does not feel the need to click many pictures lest one should come off as an outsider ogling at a native exotic species.

Nobody has to hold meetings, put up boards and banners or impose penalties for the same. The village teaches you by practice.

Au contraire, a city teaches you that stopping at a traffic signal is only subject to the presence of a cop. Even if its 90 seconds to green light, you must honk incessantly. You must keep inching closer to the vehicle in front of you and then honk again until the vehicle darts like a bullet. Zebra crossings are just designs on the road and if you see a pedestrian, you honk urgently, dangerously, not touching your clutch or brake- properly warning them of a close shave with death for no fault of yours.

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