The Song of Being

January 29th, 2016. 6:40 AM.

I was trying to communicate to a dog half an hour ago. It is extremely cold in Rajasthan right now, and it had come to soak in some sunlight. I wanted to tell him about the pleasant weather of Bangalore and a puppy I had befriended just a couple of days ago. It was warm enough even at 5 AM at Yelahanka Air Force Base. The puppy was scared of all the rumbling jets and fighter crafts, and had lost its way around the airstrips. I had wrapped my palm around his chest and noticed how his tiny beating heart, heaving soft chest and shallow quick breaths were not very different from that of a 2 year old daughter of a colleague, who would run around and collapse into my arms.
However, I noticed that the dog was slightly wounded and not at peace. It was fidgeting, moving, scratching, whimpering.. perhaps crying. All my efforts at trying to comfort him failed. I was right there by his side, ready to offer him whatever he needed, but he wouldn’t notice, acknowledge or let me in. When my words, whistling and meditation freezed in the fog, I started singing to it. For five minutes or so, he stopped whatever he was doing. He closed his eyes, eased into a recline, and gently fell asleep.

I wonder, what if this is how we humans behave, too? Maybe we are too caught up in our struggles, maybe we aren’t open, quiet or receptive enough to the unconditional love and unwavering support of the sentient beings/Source Energy around us? Maybe , unconciously, we start resisting the natural order of our well-being. What if our “God” was not out there, but in here, around now!? Wouldn’t it be naive and stupid of us to keep fighting and blocking Her out? She would then have to sing to us-invoking the profound feeling of relief and liberation within us-until we doze off, revelling in the crooning of her song. The Song of Being. She sings all the time. Listen!!   

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