Why Anhad

I have always found myself yearning to read and scribble. It gives me immense pleasure and a sense of catharsis to allow words and thoughts to flow through me, since I find it happening quite often and quite effortlessly. I have also been wanting to have a sacred writing space of my own wherein I could think out loud, pronounce my joys and aches, and strike a chord of strange familiarity we all experience when we stumble across someone or something going through a similar journey of self discovery.

Hence, Anhad. ❤

‘Anhad’ literally means ‘Without boundaries’.  ‘Anahata’ literally means ‘Without being struck’. Anhad Naad is the sound pertaining to the Anahata Chakra situated in the Heart Region. It is the sound of Creation, an entirety of  all cosmic vibrations, the vibration of Om. With practice, one hears it everywhere, all the time..its an underlying hum or vibration to All That IS. Like water takes various forms and colours depending on what it mixes into or where it flows through, so does the Anhad. For every artistic expression flowing through the Heart- art, music, dance, poetry etc.- it is the formless, the undivided(Akshar), the absolute, the Ik Omkar- manifesting itself in a riot of music, colours and words.

Writing on this blog always fills me with a calm, gentle energy and it is my own manner of spiritual practice, meditation, alignment, what have you.

The cover page is a photograph of the Heart Nebula.
My name is Kriti. It is Sanskrit for “Creation”.  ❤


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