Tiny Acquaintance.

Exploring the streets of Pondicherry in a hot afternoon felt like a physical role-play of my mental theatrics. I was spending the weekend far away from office and home, looking for something that I didn’t know where or what it was. I reached the beach and found a cozy spot to sit in silence, listening to the Sea.

Waters have always had a tranquil effect on me. The inscrutable depths, the ever changing shape, the perseverance, the thunder, the drizzle..all of it encompassed the crest and troughs of our social human lives. I breathed out my questions, doubts and anxieties to the vast expanse of skies and sea, surrendering to it all. As always, nature smiled just when I was on the verge of a sob. It smiled thusly-

Vartika Bansal
Vartika’s Click

A tiny yellow flower landed on my shoulder, just in time to distract me from the noise of my mind. I smiled back at it, and impulsively wanted to reach for my camera. I paused, breathing very lightly, realizing that I didn’t want to move it, break it or let it fall. It listened to my noiseless whispers and gracefully, sled down my shoulder to sit gleefully in the fold of my sleeve. Looking straight into my eyes it reassured me,

“That’s how life always is. It falls into place as long as you hold onto grace.” 

This was one of those infinite evanescent moments  when Nature gently let me know that I was one with it. It always spoke to me in my highest and lowest of times, reminding me that I wasn’t lost , or broken, or forgotten, afterall.

Like the tiny yellow flower safe from the wind and the water, I am.
Like the tiny petals in full bloom, I am.
Like the reclamation of its own tiny space, I am.

Unapologetic, Unwavering, Reassured, Unconditionally- I Am. ❤

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