Long Live Silliness ^_^

No act of kindness is “random” or “small”. I find it hard to believe that there is any such thing as a selfless deed, because each such action in turn makes us feel very peaceful and warm.. maybe it’s a clarion call to acknowledge and smile at one’s ego.

I do believe that kindness heals us quicker than laughter. Each of it creates ripples wider than we can imagine. Every kind thought, deed or speech, even toward one’s own self, matters. So, if you find doubting, hesitating or judging your ‘silliness’ the next time you feel inclined to remove a stone from the path, segregate your garbage, pat a cow, listen to a senior citizen’s stories, thank the watchman, buy from the local craftsmen/vendors, whisper soft assurances to yourself in the dead of the night, hug your dad without reason, help your grandfather shave, water a neighbor’s plants, fill out someone’s forms, return a borrowed pen, cover a borrowed book, allow someone to cut you in a queue, sit quietly with a dog, smile at the clouds… remember that there are many, many, many silly folks like you out there. They all know your signature, are connected with these energies and kind ripples you send out to them. We can all feel it, just like we can all feel the cold, cruel, vile banality of the world. May we all be sillier, happier and kinder.

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